Ending the Epic

As a vacation is coming to a close, I start wanting to get home. I need a vacation from vacation to savor what I’ve experienced against the backdrop of the prosaic, and frankly, to rest. Ten to fourteen days tends to be about the right amount of time to be away, though the same coincidental… Continue reading Ending the Epic

Continent Hopping and the Requisite Rug

You should book your vacation for the same time as mine because the weather gods look out for me. They came through for our second full day in Istanbul for our boat ride up the Bosphorus Strait. Trip Advisor sages were infallible as usual advising that the public ferry was the way to go: inexpensive with perfect… Continue reading Continent Hopping and the Requisite Rug

You CAN Go Back to Constantinople

That call to prayer at the Blue Mosque I’d found so fascinating the previous evening was less so at 4:45 am the following morning. My family slept through it, as I learned to after that. This morning’s call hailed from the mosque next door. There would appear to be a mosque on every other corner… Continue reading You CAN Go Back to Constantinople

Au Revoir Paris, Merhaba Istanbul

The anticipation of visiting Istanbul was the only thing that made ending our vacation in Paris bearable. Istanbul is foremost a unique location, with the city split by the Bosphorus Strait that runs between Europe and Asia, the only city that straddles two continents. The Bosphorus connects the Mediterranean to the Black Sea/Russia so is an important route. Istanbul… Continue reading Au Revoir Paris, Merhaba Istanbul

Auspicious Arrival – June 28 to June 29, 2016

Quick, finish up just one last email and leave work. Already late. Maybe I can cash in on some good traffic karma I’m due. Scurrying to the car, a text arrives from my brother Mike. Hmmm. He rarely texts me for no apparent reason but I must get started driving so will have to read it… Continue reading Auspicious Arrival – June 28 to June 29, 2016