Getting Yin to the Yang

Last day in Paris. We were museumed out. So much to see is a problem—you can’t appreciate the yang when there’s no yin. Yin in this case being space, a chance to slow down and reflect. But we didn’t let that stop us—who knew when we’d get another chance? Off to the Musee D’Orsay where we went for…… Continue reading Getting Yin to the Yang

Your Feet Will Hurt Just Reading This

June 30th – our first full day in Paris! The kids slept, I planned the day, and Michael ventured out for essentials. He returned with supermarket bread, jam and wine. To express our gratitude we whined – where was the bread from a boulanger, and what about butter and milk, and you call wine an essential? -…… Continue reading Your Feet Will Hurt Just Reading This