Ending the Epic

As a vacation is coming to a close, I start wanting to get home. I need a vacation from vacation to savor what I’ve experienced against the backdrop of the prosaic, and frankly, to rest. Ten to fourteen days tends to be about the right amount of time to be away, though the same coincidental…… Continue reading Ending the Epic

Alive and Adapting

Touchdown Paris, France. Finally. Unharmed. Grateful. The airport was an ideal introduction to how visually stunning Paris would be. It was as if we were being transported between levels of a structure in space. My bible, the King TripAdvisor version, proved to be a wee bit suspect. After loading our bags into the taxi, we found our driver…… Continue reading Alive and Adapting

Auspicious Arrival – June 28 to June 29, 2016

Quick, finish up just one last email and leave work. Already late. Maybe I can cash in on some good traffic karma I’m due. Scurrying to the car, a text arrives from my brother Mike. Hmmm. He rarely texts me for no apparent reason but I must get started driving so will have to read it…… Continue reading Auspicious Arrival – June 28 to June 29, 2016