Continent Hopping and the Requisite Rug

You should book your vacation for the same time as mine because the weather gods look out for me. They came through for our second full day in Istanbul for our boat ride up the Bosphorus Strait. Trip Advisor sages were infallible as usual advising that the public ferry was the way to go: inexpensive with perfect…… Continue reading Continent Hopping and the Requisite Rug

Alive and Adapting

Touchdown Paris, France. Finally. Unharmed. Grateful. The airport was an ideal introduction to how visually stunning Paris would be. It was as if we were being transported between levels of a structure in space. My bible, the King TripAdvisor version, proved to be a wee bit suspect. After loading our bags into the taxi, we found our driver…… Continue reading Alive and Adapting